Homecoming Carnival’s Haunted House

At the homecoming carnival the drama club put together a haunted house that was something to remember.
Many enjoyed the creativity, the decor, and the acting the drama club performed for us.
Isabel Portillo, also known as Izzy Portillo, is a member of the drama club and got to experience the creative haunted house.

Portillo had explained that it was frantic at some moments getting everything ready and prepared, but it was overall an amazing thing to put together.
She mentioned that the two hours it took to get everything prepared was stressful due to the fact they were having troubles getting it dark and organized.
Although there was some stress in the drama club, it was quickly forgotten when they began to show an amazing act.
The students went into the haunted house with a mix of fear and excitement. They came out with smiles joined with laughter.
The Haunted House was creative and unique and something many people enjoyed in various ways.

Sophomore student, Holly Olszak, got the opportunity to walk through the haunted house and experience the fantastic job the drama club did with the event.
“I enjoyed it, I thought it was creative and unique and it gave a good little scare to everyone” Olszak said.
Students including Olszak found it fascinating that with everything they had such as the hallway decorations and the props that they were able achieve a true feeling of a haunted house.

While Izzy Portillo was discussing her experience she explained how the drama club is something that students should join to share their creativity .
She talked about whether or not you are outgoing or shy the drama club is somewhere you can show your talent and your unique side of things.
“Just go for it! Don’t feel weird about it because trust me you’re going into something that’s worth it.”
Portillo encourages all students to go for it and try something different. Help create something outstanding that students and the community can enjoy.
Experience something different that’s worth every minute.

The haunted house at this year’s homecoming carnival was definitely something that no one will forget.
Students only got to see some of what the drama club can put on. Many cannot wait to see many more of the outstanding things they will perform.