Ordering Yearbooks by Deadline is the Only Way To Ensure Getting One

Posters decorate the halls, advertising yearbooks and when to order them by. Yet, every year students are left scrambling to pick up a yearbook before they sell out. Last year, many students were not able to receive a yearbook for the year of 2016 because they did not order by the deadline, upsetting many parents.

“When students don’t order by the deadline, the adviser has to make a calculated guess on what to buy,” Principal Dan Serrano said. “If they do not sell them all, they have to pay for them and they are very expensive.”

In order to ensure that a student receives a yearbook, they must preorder their book, which begins during Puma Days in July and run through the end of February.

Yearbook advisor, Erika Stueber, and the rest of the yearbook staff sends out reminders throughout the year advertising the deadline date.
“We send out notices through eblast to parents, have announcements to students,” Stueber said,  “we have posters around school and there is also information on my website so students are aware of the deadline date.” The yearbook staff takes extra care to advertise their yearbook sales throughout the school, yet there are still many students who do not receive a yearbook.

“I would say there were about 200 [students] that did not order during the time period we allotted,” Stueber said, “we’re disappointed that they did not get a book.”

Carina Weidenbach and Mia Lujan are the senior editors-in-chief for the Yearbook class. They said that last year, they had a long waiting list of people who did not preorder their yearbooks in time.

“We only order as many that are preordered and about 200 extra books,” Weidenbach said. “Otherwise, we are wasting money and that falls back on the students.” They have even adopted certain means of getting information out there, such as creating social media accounts.

“I think we did a great job advertising the yearbook,” Lujan said. “We now have a twitter and we always post on there.”

Taylor Johnson was one of the many students who missed the deadline. “I was very upset that I didn’t order a yearbook because I wouldn’t have something to look back on for the memories,” Johnson said. Along with her disappointment, her parents were also upset that Johnson did not receive a yearbook. “I definitely now know that I need to order by the deadline.” Johnson continued.
The yearbook class wants to ensure that every student gets a yearbook and gets to see the hardwork they put into it.