The Young Republicans Club


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Recently, a club has made its way onto the campus; One that is very fitting for this year’s election. The Young Republicans Club is a club where students can come and discuss events and topics going on in the world right now.

The club is primarily made for a more conservative student base. According to Paul Kreutz, the sponsor of the Young Republicans, “It’s about kids that have like-minded political views. More conservative and more republican-type views.”

Hunter Hedelius, the founder of the club, said, ““The Young Republicans Club is about informing youth and keeping them updated on issues and to understand traditional conservative values and what they mean.” It is a time when people can come together to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts, away from the frustratingly different views that people of other parties tend to have.

Although the members of this club are all in essence republican, it does not mean that they see the world through rose-colored sunglasses when they attend the club. Kreutz says that the students “discuss issues and figure out where people stand on different [problems] based on similar values.”

It’s a chance for them to get together and talk about politics and talk about what’s going on around the world.”

— Paul Kreutz

The time spent in the club helps the students understand and discover other perspectives that are founded upon the same base beliefs. With the voices and opinions of others, members of this club can build and enhance their own opinions regarding our nation and the world.

Since the club is fairly new, they are still deciding what they want the club to become. When asked about whether there would be any club events, Hedelius said, “Not in the near future. No major events. Right now we’re just discussing current issues and anything that may come up.”

But in regards to the future, Kreutz stated, “We are talking about doing some possible charity work. Nothing’s planned yet.” Until they make decisions on activities, the club will continue their discussions.

Overall, the club is centered on creating an ideal atmosphere in which students can listen and be heard in regards to their beliefs about politics, life, and basic conservative values.

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