Talented PHS events

Every year families, students, and staff come together to cheer on and enjoy Perry’s talented students. Events such as Perry Idol and upcoming Mr. PHS, highlight talents and create enjoyable environments. This week Perry’s junior and senior boys will be competing in Perry’s male pageant, Mr. PHS on February 12th.

Several people are familiar with beauty pageants where girls typically showcase their skills on stage. However, few people have seen guys perform in a talent show. Taylor Haller, the student coordinator for the event describes the event.

“Mr. PHS is basically [Perry’s] version of the male beauty pageant. It’s the funniest juniors and seniors that come out and make complete fools of themselves”.

Similar to a typical pageant, there are different categories that the male contestants compete in.. Each year there is a set theme for each show. This year, Haller has chosen Double O Seven as a classy James Bond theme. The boys work months in advance to practice their skills and dance routines that they will perform.

Junior and senior boys are allowed to participate. Some even take part in the event for both of the two years. Returning participant Aamir Patel has chosen to yet again put himself out there to compete.

“I’m really glad I get a second chance to try it; the first year I did it was really fun”.

Patel continues, “I did my own music and dance moves. I did something that everyone could enjoy a little part of”.

The boys have a chance to be themselves and showcase their personality to hundreds of people, a normally rare opportunity. The winner is determined by the

“I’m looking forward to how the guys react to it; how the guys can just be themselves,” Haller comments.

Similar to Mr. PHS, another great family show for Perry Students is Perry Idol. On Jan. 29, a variety of students sang and presented their talents in the annual talent show. Every year there is a great success with the variety of students who come up talents and different performances to present.

“There’s a big turnout, it’s really good” Junior Kaitlyn VanKlompenberg comments.

“Especially the last two years, you would see your friend and catcall their name. It’s cool to see the friends come and cheer them on.”

The support from students, admin, and families has brought a great experience to these events. Hoping to see some more talent? Make sure to attend Mr. PHS this coming Thursday, February 12th.