Clubs prepare for Relay for Life

With cancer a growing problem around the world many people look to support fundraisers for this tragedy. Key Club is preparing for their annual Relay for Life event on May 2-3. The relay is an event to support families affected by cancer and with Coach Todd Rodgers’ fight with cancer, the event impacts Perry more than ever.

“It’s not a fundraiser for Key Club, but we raise the money to go to [the relay],” Stephanie Carrasco, leader of the Key Club, said. “When we get back from spring break that’s when we will pick our team captains and start working on the fundraising efforts.”

This event is targeted at anyone who has been affected by cancer in any way. In midst of the various activities, one hour of the night is strictly devoted to honoring cancer survivors during the race and another hour to remember loved ones lost to the disease. The event is lead by volunteer team captains and teacher support is meant to raise money to donate to organizations that fight cancer and remember loved ones that have fought it.

Teams are put together to raise money for cancer patients and then run in the race and participate in the activities to show their support. Along with their team members, Key Club is trying to get other clubs to join their cause, such as StuGo.

“StuGo wants to show our support towards cancer as we all know someone who has been affected,” Taylor Haller, publicity manager for the junior class, explained.

Perry’s support last year was lower than expected. However, with Rodgers’ fight with cancer they expect more students to support the fundraiser.

“I think this year we will have a good turn out because it has hit close to a lot of the students even though some of the students have family members that have gone through it,” Carrasco said.

With Rodgers being diagnosed with cancer, Perry is expected to play a big role in the race since the school is now affected by the hardship of cancer. Lots of the effort put into this special occasion is in respect for Rodgers and his battle with cancer.

“We haven’t set a goal [for money] yet” Carrasco explained, “but because of Coach Rodgers we’re thinking that we really want to try to push our school to do the best they can do and raise as much money as we possibly can.”

This experience is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and will be held at Basha High School. The event is all night from 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. and will contain different events throughout the night.