Students come together to make memorable homecoming assembly


Morgan Cleary

Students show pride through thunderous applause.

With entertainment prepared and decorations all over, it was finally time for the finale of spirit week: the homecoming assembly.

Events ranged from choreography by Moveo to a game of ‘Bumper Balls’, and the planning and execution of the assembly was extremely thorough and undeniably received a large reaction from the crowd.

Although the actual assembly was only around 45 minutes long, the preparation was far more protracted. StuGo historian Adam Peters said “,We have been planning and working for around three months, but most of the effort has been in these last two weeks… [the morning of the assembly] we came at 5:30 to set everything up.”

These preparations were not in vain, as students from each class seemed to enjoy the event. For instance, senior Keturah Peart was just as pleased with the assembly as freshman Jace Miles with Miles commenting “, The assembly was great… it was especially cool since it is my first one since middle school,” and Peart saying ,” [the assembly] was very fun and well done by StuGo.”

Similar to years past , the assembly showcased all of the 1st quarter sports teams, revealed homecoming royalty, and featured performances from both Moveo and Cheerleading. So what made this assembly so special?

StuGo spirit leader Jacqueline Gilbert believes this year was made a stand-out, stating “, This assembly really just showed our pride with a main goal to make high-school memorable… the energy of each assembly was insane and the extra work StuGo put in definitely made a huge impact on the assembly.”

StuGo is not the only group that put in hours of work for the assembly either. Moveo, Cheerleading, JROTC, and Choir all put commendable time and effort into making this assembly memorable.

With the assembly finally over, StuGO now moves on to the next big event, the actual Homecoming dance.