Gift Giving 101: gifting with gratitude

How many mugs is too many mugs? For many teachers, this arbitrary question likely has a finite answer, one that comes from the experience of being gifted mugs upon mugs. This holiday season is the perfect time to express your gratitude for the teachers that work day in and day out. 

       1. Quality over quantity, a.k.a We understand you’re a student 

Long gone are the elementary school days where parents will not only pay for the gift, but prepare it, and now the responsibility passes to the young adults. But, as much as they may want it, teachers aren’t expecting a million bucks. In actuality, they are not expecting anything at all. Anything you deign to get for your teacher, no matter how small shows a level of consideration and care, despite the price tag. A gift from the dollar section, or a teacher’s favorite snack, shows that you are grateful for them just as much, if not more than an impersonal expensive gift. 


       2.Idiosyncrasy turned ideal gift?!

Each teacher must have some individual hobby or interest, one that can make a perfect gift. The little quirks or obsessions of the teacher can be not only a meaningful gift, but an easy and effective one as well. By noticing the small details- a teacher’s favorite color, the decor of their classroom, or an element from an anecdote- you can show that you care. Taking note of the small things is significantly more heartfelt than a generic gift that could be given to anyone, rather than something that is particularly suited for the teacher. 


        3. Homemade and from the heart 

Teachers will never expect every individual student to go out and purchase them a gift, especially when an equally if not more meaningful present can come from nothing more than pen and paper. The mere act of writing a genuine note to your teachers, showing your appreciation for all they do can mean the world to those who do not hear it enough. Teachers are human too, (crazy right!?), and deserve to hear gratitude for what they do more than most. Expressing what the teacher means to you, and how they have impacted you can be a lovely gift for the teacher that is already in full capacity of mugs, candles, and Starbucks gift cards. 


        4. When in doubt- craft it out. 

As the generation known for having the world at their fingertips, there are countless resources online to come up with unique gifts. Websites such as Pinterest can provide countless ideas for inspiration of easy D.I.Y style gifts that can be personalized to the very teacher. Etsy is another crafty site in which people sell their creations, a perfect outlet for those with a teacher with an obscure or particular interest. Making something by hand emphasizes the dedication willing to be put forth, as well as creating a one-in-a-million gift that is uniquely yours. 

As the holiday season approaches, now is the time to show the teaching staff appreciation for all they do. The teachers that work day in and day out to provide this generation’s education deserve something nice for the holiday, something to say thanks for all they do. No matter how big, or small teachers deserve something nice for the holidays, but maybe pass on the mug!