Pressed brings fresh fruit and flavors to San Tan Mall

Pressed (formerly Pressed Juicery) is conveniently located in the center of the San Tan Mall.

Pressed (formerly Pressed Juicery) is conveniently located in the center of the San Tan Mall.

Pressed, one of the most popular juice chains in the country, has brought its newest location to the San Tan Mall. The shop, committed to quality and accessibility, offers a wide variety of pressed juices, shots, smoothies, açaí bowls, and plant-based soft serve.

The brand is committed to being unpretentious and has some type of drink for everyone. The drinks are named after its main components (greens, citrus, roots) and assigned a number to differentiate the different blends. Some of the most popular juices are “Citrus 2,” a tangy apple pineapple juice; “Greens 2,” a sweeter green juice with a strong apple flavor; and the ultra refreshing “Strawberry Basil Lemonade.” For a heartier drink, the “Strawberry Orange Mango” and “Chocolate Banana Protein” smoothies are great options (priced the same as the juices, too!).

Their juice shots are a great option for targeted results. This includes everything from the chamomile-powered “Relax” shot to the “Reset” apple cider vinegar shot. The “Wellness” shot which includes cayenne pepper, lemon, and ginger is the perfect tool for fighting colds and getting rid of congestion. It has quite an aggressive cayenne taste but the soothing burn all the way down to your chest is a really great way to cope with sickness.

In addition to a wide variety of beverages, the shop offers plant based soft serve including açaí, dragon fruit,  vanilla, and the brand new strawberry apple “Rosé” flavor. Each “freeze” includes your choice of three topping options including vegan marshmallows and gummy bears, fresh fruit, almond butter, and more. The açaí and dragon fruit flavors are also available in a larger size with more toppings similar to an açaí bowl. Either option is delicious, refreshing and filling.

In addition to the new “Rosé” soft serve, Pressed has also introduced “blends” which include drinks from around the world made with plant-based milk. The options are a curry flavored “Saffron Badam,” a spirulina blue “Horcharta Azul,” and “Morir Soñando” from the Dominican Republic. “Morir Sonando” is made with coconut cream, orange juice, and cinnamon to achieve a delicious orange creamsicle flavor.

Pressed is located in the middle of the mall right next to Lululemon. They have a light, clean, and comfortable environment with a friendly staff. The prices are reasonable compared to other restaurants and drink shops in the mall. They also offer a “VIP” discount program available to people who reload their gift cards once a month with as little as $10. Pressed is the perfect option for a cool, fresh treat, and I highly recommend stopping by.