Side dish showdown: french fry review


Photo taken by Nate Andrew

In the side dish showdown, Wendy’s came out on top with the best tasting French fries. The fries were perfectly salted and had a golden crisp to them. With their delectable side dishes, Wendy’s is a restaurant that is definitely worth checking out.

French fries are some of the most popular sides from any fast food restaurant, and each establishment makes them slightly different, so it is hard to know which ones to try. Although each restaurant typically brings something new to the table, some still come out on top over others.

When determining what kind of fries are supreme, it ultimately comes down to these factors: warmth, freshness, saltiness, how well it pairs with dipping sauces, and the overall taste. Out of the three restaurants that were tried: Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, and McDonald’s, Wendy’s had the overall best tasting French fries.

Placing third are the McDonald’s French fries. Similar to Wendy’s fries, McDonald’s fries are moderately salted, but they do not use sea salt. They pair well both with and without ketchup, but they do not stand out like the others. Every fry tends to leave a lot of grease behind with it though.

Some fries still have green spots from the original potato that was most likely not ripe, and even though it does not impact the taste whatsoever, it was not very pleasing to the eye. Some fries were overcooked and a little bit too crunchy.

McDonald’s still has incredible fries, albeit seeming a little lackluster compared to the others.

Coming up second are the Chick-Fil-A waffle-cut French fries. They pair wonderfully with ketchup, but unfortunately they have very little salt, so they are somewhat plain-tasting without any dipping sauces. Due to their shape, there is more surface area to be covered in sauce, maximizing the amount of ketchup a person gets with every bite.

Each French fry had a lasting warmth and none were overcooked.

Placing first are Wendy’s French fries. They had decently salted fries due to their use of sea salt; it was not to a sickening amount, but still salty enough to require a drink to go along with them. Although salt remains on the consumer’s fingers, it does not have an extremely greasy residue that goes along with it.

The French fries are larger and wider than the ones some other restaurants have, such as McDonald’s, but not to the same extent of steak fries. Despite some fries being overcooked, most were still golden and had the right amount of crisp. With few old-tasting or stale fries, Wendy’s is definitely a restaurant worth checking out.

There are many potential styles of French fries, and the task of choosing which kind to order can be difficult sometimes. Wendy’s fries have amazing flavor and are definitely an excellent choice for anyone looking for a salty side dish to satisfy their craving. Even though some stand out more than others, with so much versatility, no matter which restaurant a person chooses to order from or dine at, they can not go wrong.