Couples’ guide to photos

Couples photos often run the chance of looking awkward without the insight of a professional. Luckily, a guide to successful photos with poses, locations, and tips is not far away. 


Poses can seem uncomfortable especially when a couple feels a camera capturing their every move. One of the biggest tips that both photography teacher Megan Driving-Hawk and senior commercial photography student Kaylee Murset reiterate time and time again is to make sure the couple is comfortable. Pose in a way that makes the couple feel confident and do not push them to do anything they feel uneasy with. A couple should be having fun with their partner and enjoying their time. 

TikTok famous photographer, David Suh, says that his biggest factor to successful couples photos is levels. He recommends using a staircase or a chair to create these levels that will look much more elegant than the typical “stand together and smile.” Even some space in between the two will create a more dynamic perspective. 

A prop such as a flower can make the couple more comfortable and give them something to center their positioning on. A few simple poses include the “piggy-back”, a hug from behind, and holding hands while looking into each other’s eyes. Murset and Driving-Hawk say the biggest goal is to capture the love between the couple and who they are. 


One of the most important factors to a successful shoot is angles. Murset says that when in doubt, to keep the angle of the camera high. For first time self-photographers, couples that want to play it safe should maintain the angle at their height at the lowest. When ready to move to more advanced angles that must include more consideration of lighting and posing, a slightly lower positioned angle can serve to feature an intimate moment face to face when cropped at the neck and above. When taking timer pictures, a tripod will be the most reliable and helpful tool to shoot dependable photos. 


Of course, lighting is a huge factor to creating the right vibe for your shoot. For effortlessly beautiful photos, Driving-Hawk and Murset both attest to golden hour being the best time to shoot photos. City lights at night in a downtown scenery can also be gorgeous, but this will require a bit more attention to detail when using flash and editing photos to hold the vibrancy and saturation of colors. Even the soft glow of daylight can look stunning making sure to keep the exposure of sunlight under control. 


For something light and fun, greenery with a water feature is perfect for the Morrison Ranch Silos. For a more mature or mysterious vibe, desert landscape is a perfect setting especially with the abundance of options the Arizona valley holds. Downtown Gilbert is also a wonderful option with a variety of focus points, such as the photogenic parking garage roof and the quaint city lights. 


First, styling clothing is extremely important on how you come off through your photos. It is a creative way to show your personality through a single picture or shoot. Driving-Hawk mentions to steer away from any funky or loud patterns that will distract from the overall feel of the shoot which includes showcasing your personal love. 

For a bold statement, a good contrast of neutral colors between the couple with framed clothing, such as a blazer or jumpsuit. If you are going with something a little more fun and free, opt for a flowing dress or a loose t-shirt. 

Whether the couple has a photographer or takes them using a self timer, the most reliable way to quality photos is to have fun which will never fail to shine through.