NBA 2k Tournament review



The NBA played its first game with Derrick Jones Jr. and Kevin Durant.

As the weeks of quarantine slowly pass by, many people around the world are left without sports entertainment. A couple of weeks ago, however, NBA players started their own NBA 2K tournament.

NBA 2K is a basketball video game where many of the tournament competitors are in the game itself. The tournament was streamed on NBA’s YouTube channel and on television. The whole tournament took four three hour live streams to complete.

The streams gained traction giving the NBA channel nearly one million views. Hundreds and thousands joined the streams to watch professional basketball players duke it out in a virtual court.

The live streams had breaks in between each quarter of the game and used the time to show what NBA players are doing during their quarantine and giving tips on how to feel or what exercises to do.

Watching the professional sports players play a video game related to their expertise was amusing and fun to watch. Sometimes the two people playing had small talk and had a good time whether or not they won.

Each live stream was set a couple of days after the previous one, so you had new content for an entire week. The first stream had the first four games in the tournament, the second stream had the next four, the third had the quarter-finals, and the last stream had the semifinals and the finals.

The final game was played by Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. The two played as their real-life teams and fought to win the tournament. After a bit of trash-talking and smack talk, the one who came out on top was Devin Booker. The final score was 74-62 with the Denver Nuggets as the champions of the virtual tournament.

The whole idea of a sports video game tournament with the real-life professionals playing was a great idea to keep people busy and entertained. Watching the players compete was amusing along with the intermission after each quarter.

The NBA pulled off this short notice tournament which had a huge success. There are thoughts on a second tournament, but for now, you and your friends can play 2k or other video games in the meantime.