Dancers work through school cancellation


Laney Wardell

Moveo dancers practice in the school auditorium.

As the world changes around the outbreak and continual spread of COVID-19, the closure of school and all school related activities requires more interactive courses to explore creative ways of doing the required remote instruction.

 While the core classes are a bit easier to manage remotely, classes such as P.E., sports lockers, CTE classes, and dance require a more unique approach to grade course work during the remainder of the school year. 

The Perry dance program started to utilize online aspects to continue their training for the last quarter. 

Ms. Rebecca Miller one of the dance teachers at Perry explained, “Virtual /remote learning for dance absolutely looks different than how students would traditionally learn in a dance studio setting.” 

Miller acknowledges the challenges of at home dance training revolving around space, virtual classes available, and cancelled concerts and auditions. 

Regarding how work is submitted, advanced dancer Liberty Wall elaborated, “For some assignments we have to go on YouTube and find classes to take. For others we have to take time lapses of our workout.”

While week to week participation seems easy to cover and grade, larger assignments may be more difficult to complete. Miller lamented, “As for our Spring Dance Concert, we unfortunately won’t be holding one. This concert was a major part of students’ 4th quarter grade. We are still discussing what the right solution is to supplement that grade for students.”

Many courses are experiencing a similar problem to the dance program’s, and are muddling through as best as is possible to.

With much uncertainty and trepidation teachers and dancers alike are working hard to push through one of the strangest 4th quarters in Perry history.