Minecraft Earth: All new mobile game


The long awaited mobile video game, Minecraft Earth, has just been released as a beta test game. While playing the game, people should expect to see some bugs and glitches that the team at Mojang, the game creators, will fix once the game is fully released.

Minecraft Earth is an AR mobile phone video game. In essence, if you move around in the real world, the scene on your phone will move as well. 

When you first download the app, you are prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account. After you complete this task, you are free to do whatever you feel. You can take a quick tutorial on how everything works, or you can start exploring yourself. 

There is no true goal to the game. You wander around in the real world to find resources to build with. To build, you summon in a building platform. This platform can grow in size when you level up your character.

This platform will appear to be in the real world on your phone, but it is all apart of the AR experience. The platform will move places from time to time, but only in small amounts. This is just one bug that has made itself present.

To build, the player either chooses to place or destroy blocks. The last step is just to tap where you want to place the block. Building is as simple as it is in its parent game.

Another game that Minecraft Earth resembles is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go also has AR features and map tracking to keep the players interested. In Pokemon Go, you collect Pokemon by  walking around in the real world. Minecraft Earth allows you to walk around the real world and gather resources, just not Pokemon.

Minecraft Earth is a branch-off game of Minecraft, the open sandbox game where players can build anything and do whatever they please. Minecraft Earth keeps all of the same mechanics and style that gives the original Minecraft its charm.

Minecraft Earth has some bugs and glitches to sort out, but it is a beta game after all. I would highly recommend that people should download Minecraft Earth and test it out for themselves. If you do notice any glitches while playing, make sure the team at Mojang know so they can fix it for the full release of the game.