Restaurant Review: Eggstasy takes new spin on breakfast


The new restaurant Eggstasy is an expensive place to eat at that consisted of amazing food, clean cut decorations, and fantastic customer service. Eggstasy brought the modern new trends about food and distributed it throughout the customers. The urban feel of the restaurant and the creative ideas that the restaurant implied to the food was a great customer service tactic. The food was immaculate to the crowd, it includes homemade recipes and the plates were  well displayed. 

The restaurant was neatly put together with the theme of high end brands giving it that trendy and fun feel. The high end brands such as; Gucci, supreme, and Louis Vuitton was displayed through the idea of wearing shirts that incorporated the idea of an expensive brand and name Eggstasy on the shirts and decoration. The decoration flowed through out the food creating a fun time. The price range was highly expensive for a high school student. The meals cost from ten dollars to twenty dollars, but the staff displayed a beautiful meal that was very proportionate and had more than plenty of food, the money was considered well spent. From having the cute and delicious food the restaurant brought a great number of young adults. 

Eggstasy is considered a breakfast restaurant, but serve a variety of food. Other breakfast places consist of a sloppy display and don’t have that clean cut look like IHOP. Eggstasy has avoided to make the customer feel as they are in an unhealthy and dirty environment. IHOP has very old-fashioned decoration and not very sanitary equipment. IHOP has failed to display an appetizing meal in the past and has incidences with kitchen health code. Eggstasy has accumulated a well-constructed restaurant. Although, IHOP is not as expensive as the other local trendy restaurants and it provides a well-balanced meal for the morning. Eggstacy is more on the pricey side, but they give all the right food with the good proportions as well. 

I would consider this restaurant a four and a half star review because of the local, clean, and delicious food. The restaurant had a pricey range for a high school student but the ratio from food to money was well put together. I would recommend to come to this restaurant for occasions, from its well-made meals and fun decorations it is the perfect place for a get together.