VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Luigi’s Mansion 3


Cover art from the newly released Nintendo game, Luigi’s Mansion 3. This is a puzzle, action, and adventure game that tests your ghost capturing abilities.

If you’re up for a puzzle solving adventure filled with spooky ghosts and ghouls, then Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the game for you. In this newly released adventure game, you play as the cowardly hero, Luigi. 

Luigi and his friends have been invited to vacation in the “Last Resort” hotel. Although the hotel seems like a luxurious tower with many attractions, it had been overrun by King Boo and his ghost henchmen. 

King Boo is vengeful after Luigi defeated him in the previous game in the trilogy, Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. During the group’s first night in the hotel, the building turns from a golden paradise into a dark and haunted nightmare. 

Luigi wakes up to see the transformation happen and learns that King Boo had captured all of his friends and trapped them inside of paintings. Luigi barely escapes to the basement garage where he obtains his trusty ghost hunting device, the Poltergust. 

With this tool, Luigi can stun ghosts by using a flashlight, suck up ghosts with the vacuum, store ghosts inside of the device and more. After obtaining the Poltergust, he must then explore the haunted hotel to help save his friends. 

While exploring one of the lower floors of the hotel, Luigi notices that his old friend, Professor E. Gadd, was trapped inside of a painting. With the help of the dark light feature on the Poltergust, Luigi can free any trapped objects or people inside of a painting. 

After freeing Professor E. Gadd, the two try to use the elevator and notice that all of the buttons are missing except for the first level basement button. When Luigi and Professor E. Gadd arrive at the garage, the ghostly teller of the hotel was there accompanying some luggage.

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Every part of the game was enjoyable even when there is a hard puzzle to solve.”

— Alex Connors

Luigi now has to use his Poltergust to defeat the teller. This is where the player learns how to use the Poltergust in a battle. Once the teller is defeated, he drops a few elevator buttons. Each button will allow Luigi to travel to a different floor.

Each floor has its own unique and creative boss along with its own theme. Each boss that you battle is completely different than the rest. You have to use different techniques and strategies to defeat each ghost. Every boss drops at least one of the elevator buttons which takes you to an entirely new floor.

There are other features besides the story mode within the game. You can choose to go to what is called the “Scream Park.” This is where you can play mini-games with another person on the same Nintendo Switch console.

This game has great mechanics and style that makes it seem like it is not a classic Nintendo game. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a completely different play-style than all of the rest of Nintendo’s games. Every part of the game was enjoyable even when there is a hard puzzle to solve.