Health and Wellness; the Importance of Breakfast

From bacon and eggs to having a bowl of lucky charms, breakfast has been avoided by high school student all across the globe. Breakfast is the most important meal, in fact, some would say it is the best way to get your brain to be more  progressive. “Breakfast is important for brain health, when you eat a healthy breakfast it sets you up for the day,” said local nutritionist, Casey Burt.

Breakfast is one of the many things that teenagers underestimate when it comes to weight lost, “when you skip breakfast in the morning you blood sugar drops,” said Isagenix nutritionist, Taylor Malham. “leading you to feel more hungry and have less energy throughout your day.” Studies have shown that girls who skip breakfast are five to seven pounds heavier than girls who eat breakfast. As a result, experts say that teenagers have been bypassing breakfast in an attempt to control weight gain, in reality, skipping breakfast causes more of a want for snacks as the day goes by. By not eating breakfast you are prone to putting on unnecessary weight.

Sleeping in is a regular routine for a high school student which makes breakfast the last resort when you are late for school. Having no morning fuel, teenagers tend to turn to energy drinks to keep their eyes open. “Energy drinks are extremely unhealthy and cause abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, and chest pains,” said Joelyn Boone. Energy drinks are an unhealthy stimulant that can hold up to 160 to 260 milligrams of caffeine which is more than unhealthy. Unlike coffee, which only holds about 85 milligrams of caffeine which is perfect for a morning boost.
Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning, jump-starts your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories through the day. Having a healthy and hearty breakfast your body has a good amount of fuel, that helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Teenagers need nutrition to grow and develop properly and breakfast is a great source of the well needed nutrition. “Not eating a nutritious breakfast can lead to feelings of fatigue and hunger throughout the day,” Taylor Malham said, “which generally associated with poorer health.”

Skipping the morning meal is not an ideal way to start the day, by not eating in the morning it throws your body off of the rhythm of getting the proper calories and metabolism boost your body needs. “I believe in eating for fuel. So I simply eat when I am hungry.” says nutritionist, Casey Burt. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast in the morning to start the day. Skipping the well needed meal, your body generates more of a want for high-fat and high-sugar foods. Breakfast is an excellent way to help your body out, and a great way to feel physically well throughout the morning. Having all the components of good breakfast: protein, dairy, and grain gives you exactly what you need for the mental improvement you mind needs.