Best of photographers both film and digital


Annie Brown
Annie Brown is a senior graduating this year who has been an indispensable photographer to Perry high in every regard.
Browns photos can be seen through every newspaper, having an undeniable impact in the photos that you have viewed. Annie Brown started her photography career her junior year, being introduced to photography through her love of capturing a fraction of a moment.
Beginning with film photography and loving it, she soon changed to commercial photography, which she found to be her true passion. She brought forth the highest amount of photos of absolutely every photographer for the school newspaper the year of 2018-2019.
From sports photography to photography of the arts departments, she has taken photos of all the likes.
Everett Malloy
Everett Malloy is a photographer who has only been with the trade since his sophomore year. But he quickly found a deep love for the art form and went on to work specifically in the form of film photography.
Referring to it as a more intimate and personal photography experience, what he has done for the Perry photography department will be remembered for years. Malloy single handedly created the first color darkroom for processing film photography in the history of the CUSD.
This is something that has had an undeniable impact upon the photography program. Also competing in the district art show and winning the first place awards for darkroom photography section two years in a row. After high school Everett Malloy plans to go to ASU majoring in photography and minoring in business, then planning on getting his masters in photography from another degree program, with an end goal of becoming a professor of film.