Best thespians in arts of the year 2019

Emily Wright: Senior Emily Wright has been very known for her outstanding performances inside and outside of school. Most notably recognized to writing her own senior one act. Ranging from several characters, Wright has been able to weave through life to get to a place where she, the actress, has made her life her stage. She has been able to play several contrasting characters that have been a thrill to see and captures an audience through the art of theatre. Along with being a part of school productions, Wright has also focused on her other passion of American sign language as well and hopes to work in Deaf West Theatre in the future. Where Wright breaks the stereotype of being a loud and crazy theatre student, to only being half and half, enjoying her alone time but also helping around the school. What theatre means to Wright is expression, moving creatively in which Wright does on stage.  


Matthew Pitman: Playing the big role of Shrek in this year’s musical, Matthew Pitman has demonstrated exceptional acting as a junior. Pitman has started out theatre from freshmen year to continuing to pursue it through his senior year. Where he has stayed in Perry Theatre Company (PTC) since his sophomore year. He has played several shows most noteworthy as the lead in the school’s spring production as the ogre Shrek, but his favorite role of this year would be playing Patrick O’Reilly from The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Theatre to him has been his second nature where he found his group of friends. Pitman hopes to continue to be the best for Perry theatre as theatre has been to him.

Manuel Edrozo: Procuring several laughs from the audience, junior Manuel Edrozo is the familiar name that an audience will recognize. Edrozo has been a part of theatre for several years, starting from theatre three as a freshman. However, the highlight of this year for Edrozo has been his role Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical. It has been a journey for him letting theatre play a big role in his life, where he is looking forward to continuing with PTC next year as a senior. Edrozo will also be in student government next year doing more than just acting. Theatre to him is a way for people to come together and play a story out through several variations. Visually seeing movement whether it be from acting to set design to choreography as a whole.