Acia bowls taking over as new fresh popular trend

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Acia bowls taking over as new fresh popular trend


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Bananas,strawberries, blueberries, and granola are all options that can be added to make your one of a kind acai treat. With summer around the corner acai bowls are one of the best snacks to have. It’s not only could but also very refreshing. In order to get a taste of the delicious healthy snack I tried out Nekter Juice Bar and The Juice Kitchen.

The first place I went to was Nekter which is only 9 minutes away from Perry. When walking into the juice bar it was a very welcoming atmosphere. Everything looked nice,bright and there were lots of colors. It was very open and it has lots of areas to sit and relax. Nekter also has lots of options on the menu such as juices,smoothies and of course acai bowls.

When trying to decide which bowl to get I ended up getting one of there most popular bowls called Acai Banana Berry. This had a layer of acai,a layer of granola and was topped with strawberries,blueberries,bananas and agave nectar. When getting any of their bowls you can always add more things like fruit or almond butter. There bowl was a pretty good size and it was all $9.00 which is cheaper than Juice Kitchen. At the bottom was the acai that had a smoothie consistency. It was not to watery or to thick. The granola added a crunchy texture and all the fruit tasted fresh and sweet. With everything  the bowl looked very vibrant.

Next I tried a Jk Breakfast Bowl from The Juice Kitchen. This place was across the street from Nektar. Inside it was a lot smaller and less colorful but still very nice. There where a couple little tables to sit inside and outside. Everything just gave a more calming and cozy vibe. Juice Kitchen also had smoothies,juices and bowls but much more smoothies then anything.

In the breakfast bowl was acai,almond milk,mixed  berries,pineapple,banana,almonds,coconut chips,granola,chia seeds and almond butter. This was $12.00 but when I added the almond butter it was $15.00. To start off the bowl was not as vibrant looking but was still flavorful.The acai was a little more watery but everything was still good. Although this bowl had more it still felt very light. The bowl was a lot more chewy do to the coconut. All the fruit tasted fresh and natural and there was an extra crunch do to the almonds.

Both Nekter and Juice Kitchen are both popular and have great reviews. They both have lots of good reviews not only talking about their açaí bowls but there smoothies. From Nekter a review said “Great atmosphere, clean, great service and amazing smoothie! Highly recommend coming to this Nekter.”

Another review but for Juice Kitchen said “I love this place, amazingly fresh food and delicious options.”

Overall there was no place better than the other. I loved both and they were equally delicious.  Absolutely try both juice bars and all there different types of bowls and even there smoothies and juices.See which one is your favorite and which one you find the most refreshing.

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