Students define success in the kitchen


In the competitive culinary world two students have managed to excel while cooking during the course of their high school career. Brett Borden and Emma Jennings are currently some of the best students in culinary 3.

Borden originally took culinary because he wanted an easy class to take but once he
started it sophomore year, he just kept going it.

“I don’t know cooking seemed like a lot of fun and I really did want to learn how to cook” Borden said.

He is a senior and although he likes to cook he is not 100% sure if that’s what he wants to pursue outside of high school.

At the moment, he is in a culinary competition with 14 other participants including Jennings and has a chance of getting five grand of prize money which he said could help with college.

Even though Borden is still thinking about his choices he does have a plan if he decides to continue in culinary. “I think to start out I would try and find out what other restaurants do first, to find out what works and then I can come out with my own restaurant instead of going right into it” Borden said.

Along with this competition Borden has also been given the opportunity to help with feed
my starving children and use his talents in the field of community service.

There are many inspiring chefs out there, and two of his all-time favorites being Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay.

“Come on who doesn’t like Guy” Borden stated, “honestly Gordon Ramsay is fun too you know he likes to yell.”

While there are many things he has made his signature dish is a personal specialty ramen noodles.

“There is so much you could do with them it’s ridiculous, you could put so many different seasonings, so many different foods and spices it’s great” Borden said.

Emma Jennings is also a senior and she has been taking culinary since freshman year. Jennings first decided to go into culinary when she took the eighth grade CTE tour at Perry.

She is planning on continuing culinary when she leaves high school and wants to study
food science. “I got accepted into Michigan State for food science so I’m going to go study food
science and then hopefully open up my own bakery” Jennings said.

She has gotten opportunities such as this competition and helping with catering. “There’s a lot of catering stuff and it gives a little taste into the more professional side of culinary” Jennings stated.

Jennings acknowledged that mastering cooking takes lots and lots of practice. Like Borden one of her favorite chefs that she looks up to is Gordon Ramsay.

One thing Jennings likes to make is garlic bread. “For some reason this year when we have a free lab all I make is garlic bread…everyone likes garlic bread” Jennings said

For some cooking is a hobby but for others it’s so much more and the culinary world may just lead Brett Borden and Emma Jennings to something big.