Charity dance concert helping The Forever Young Foundation

The Moveo dance company leaps to dance at the charity concert; “Be The Change” for the Forever Young Foundation at Campo Verde high school. The websites states that it “is a non-profit organization focused on passing on hope and resources for the development, strength, and education of children.”
The Forever Young Foundation, “Which was started by ex-hall of famer
quarterback Steve Young as a way to help underprivileged kids and help them
different things they would need to be successful in school and give them
opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have,” explained Fara Sadler.

The Forever Young Foundation helps youth located all around the US, from Utah to Massachusetts. The MDC will be participating because, “Every year we like to try to give back
to our community and this was an opportunity that was presented to us so I felt
like it was a great one to take part in” said Sadler.

Sadler had heard about this opportunity through “the artistic director over at Campo Verde contacted myself and a couple of other directors in the area and asked if we would like to
participate.” stated Sadler.

Leading to the MDC along with the other Gilbert public school dance programs will be dancing to earn money for the Forever Young Foundation. “One hundred percent of the profits go to the charity,” senior Brinley Harris mentioned.

The MDC will be the only dance program participating in this concert, “They are our top performers, we usually take them just because of the commitment outside of school and we also want to bring dances that are
solidified,” states Sadler.

The dances that the MDC will be bringing out are two dances from their previous concert “Good vibes only” including the dance
“Smile” choreographed by Brinley Harris. Smile is a piece that is being brought
because, “it is a great representation of how important it is to keep going and
not let others get you down…” voiced Sadler, as well as the dance “I live” a
company piece choreographed by Moveo vice president Peyton Frye.

The inspiration for its inclusion being because it was “a really beautiful piece,
white dresses or skirts that flow and kind of extend the movement…” described
Sadler. The charity concert sounds to be an event that many will not miss; the
charity dance concert is taking place at Campo Verde high school at 7:00 pm on
February 22nd and the entry fee is just eight dollars.