Theater brings lip sync to PHS


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Theatre hosted the school’s first ever lip-syncing competition that was opened to all individuals not only secluded to theatre students. When moving lips silently in synchronization with a song that has already been pre-recorded, students prepared to battle it out for the competition prize money from the entrance fee from all the participants.

“The goal is to build it and get more clubs and more groups to come in and do something fun together,” Shawna Marquis, head of the competition and technical theatre teacher says. It was a different thing to set out in the auditorium hoping for a new tradition to start in the upcoming years.

It started with “brainstorming [for] different events, specifically things that we could do for fundraisers,” Marquis adds. As the idea started from the popular show of Lip Sync Battle. Where stars battle it out with lip-sync performances.

“Higley High does a lip-sync battle that is a huge, huge event for them, so we’re hoping that in the future that this will turn into something like that,” Marquis points out. As the excitement can hopefully continue within the students to drive theatre to continue hosting in the following years. As she soon expresses hope that this will be a fun thing to try out in school.

“I like music and I’ve watched just about every Jimmy Fallon episode where he does a lip-sync battle,” Jason Myers AP U.S. history teacher and judge for the competition inputs. Mentioning his judgements was based on song choice, the technical side, and the overall performance.

“We wanted to do something that involved more than just the theatre kids,” Marquis adds that will make an enjoyable experience to those who participate and attend the competition.

“We thought it’d be super awesome and super funny,” junior Matt Dougherty comments, “and it was different,” junior Jake Cawley includes. Both students prepared for their own stage along with other teammates battling it out in the tournament.

“I think it’s kinda going to be silly,” Dougherty says. In which the students and audience can have an exciting time to express in a certain manner and fashion of not really singing. Putting on a good show to have some entertainment for the night.

The competition itself will hopefully have more additions in the show to continue this fundraiser and idea that will be amusing to everyone around.