Romeo and Juliet vs High School Musical


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This year’s class theatre company is giving its audience a performance through a competition of acts between the distinct, well-known love stories of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Disney’s “High School Musical.”

Unlike past years, the Perry Theater Company (PTC) will showcase two acts instead of one. With several individuals involved, this year has brought in light of “more opportunities to students by providing with two one acts’’ theatre studies teacher Randy Duren said.

Skipping the typical tradition of doing one, one act every year, audiences are able to experience two acts and vote between the stories, with a winner/play to represent the school. Judges are also being brought in from the community who are involved with theatre.

Following through the forbidden love theme, students from the PTC class, with a total of 24 people, have been in preparations since the beginning of the school year. Doing after school practices everyday committed to at least one hour, where “essentially the entire class is in both shows,” Duren said; it is “a competition piece this year.” Individuals are balancing between Shakespeare itself while also singing and dancing making it to be “about the most challenging stuff that you could possibly ask your students to do,” Duren said lightheartedly.

While the cast is solely made up of PTC members, there are others individuals involved who are just as significant, the people behind the scenes of advanced tech. As “tech theatre is also a part of Perry Theatre Company,” Duren said. Sound, lighting, and costumes while also building set pieces are just as prominent as the performers themselves putting on the shows.

It is all a collaboration and team with “kids who are also helping contribute to the one acts.”

The stage starts to get busy as there are one act preparations for Romeo and Juliet and one act preparations for High School Musical. Worthwhile, it is also a musical in the makings and students from Moveo, along with dance teachers, are also “helping choreograph numbers” Duren said, in preparation for the final showing. Everything is a team effort to present the audience an enjoyable, memorable show.

It is all a balanced act. Everyone associated to the show are influential people to the acts, but while the cast is solely Perry Theatre Company, everyone is given the same opportunity to be given a role. If “they are a lead in one show, chances are they’re ensemble in the other show,” Duren said.

The stage is given its new twist with more performances to excite the audience of the theatre even further. It not only gives the students to be more involved with the show itself, the audience is able to be implicated into the acts through votes. It is a distinct year of two diverse acts that sets the stage for this school year.