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Moveo contributes to latest theatre production

Moveo and the theatre company light up the stage in Act 1 of White Christmas, by Nick Woodward Shaw.

Moveo and the theatre company light up the stage in Act 1 of White Christmas, by Nick Woodward Shaw.

Moveo and the theatre company light up the stage in Act 1 of White Christmas, by Nick Woodward Shaw.


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Not all actors are the best dancers, so a twist in December’s play helped distract away from any actor falling behind on the biggest dance number.

Rarely does the theatre attendees see Moveo and theatre company performing side by side. In the recent production of White Christmas, the company dancers make a dazzling feature with the lead men in a high-energy jazz performance. Fast leg work and sparkly leotards overtook the stage in the first act of the play’s premiere on Nov. 30. Collaboration of the two companies created an entrancing scene for the eyes amidst of the many musical numbers.

Dancer and junior student Alyssa Diaz has participated in assemblies and performances with Moveo since her freshman year. The company had previously been in Winter Fest the year before, which also featured theatre students, but a full play production never occurred.

“I’ve never really worked with any drama people [on stage] so getting to see them live is kind of cool,” Diaz said.

Actors and dancers alike entertained and impressed the audience with the choreography. The routine looked practically effortless all the way to the end and left the cast panting from the long-winded dance.

Being a big supporter of the fine arts, principal Dan Serrano was curious to see the how the show’s set up was coming together.

“I went in the other day and watched the rehearsal, it’s a lot of work,” said Serrano.

Minus the bright lights and heart-pumping dance numbers, everyone was nervous to impress.

Junior dancer Chase McQuillian has a good understanding of the stress to impress as she has been moved up to be part of the dance council. In this role her job in White Christmas became mostly organizing costumes and helping teacher instructor Fara Sadler.

“This year I’m on dance council so I get to be a leader… we usually lead warm ups in class and we’ll stay after school if you have too and help Ms.Saddler if she needs anything,” McQuillan said.

The chaotic rush behind the curtain may have given dancers and actors cold feet for a moment, but the production pulled together in a beautiful scene of holiday joy.

I think it’s stressful, there’s not a lot of room on the stage for us to dance but it’s really fun [with band and theatre],” McQuillian said ,”It’s really fun for the girls and came together really nice.”

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Moveo contributes to latest theatre production