Advanced and Moveo showcase their passion and talent at fall dance show


Emily Austad

Dancers hard at work preparing for the fall dance concert

After months of dedicated practice and determination, Perry Dance will take the stage on Nov. 16 and 17 for their annual fall dance concert.

Junior Moveo dancer Kayla Mocaby said, “we have been working on our dances since the beginning of September everyday in class and staying after school.”

Attending the show is a great way to honor the dancers and appreciate the tradition on campus.

Junior Moveo dancer Lily Smith said, “the theme this year is love.” She is also choreographing her own piece this year “to pay tribute to all of the shootings and terrorist attacks in memory and with love for the victims.”

The piece will communicate to the audience, hitting home for those who have been affected by tragic events.

Not only are the fall concerts appealing for the audience, but participating is enjoyable for the dancers.

Smith said, “I love concert season because even though it’s a stressful couple of months, it’s a really good bonding opportunity for all of the dancers.”

Dancers are able to have fun and prepare backstage with their friends, reducing their performance anxiety before appearing onstage.

The audience’s support is very crucial to the nature of the fall show. Dancers look forward to receiving positive feedback from their friends, family, and fellow classmates.

Junior advanced dancer Katie Carney said, “I think that it’s a great tradition especially because it’s fun for all your friends to come out and see you dance each year.”

The show has been a major success in the past and the dance program continues to blow the audience away with their natural talents and passion.

Mocaby mentioned, “I love how the whole entire dance program can come together to create such an amazing show.”

If this opportunity is missed, there are plenty more shows to come. The next Moveo and Advanced dance concert is in December during Perry’s annual ‘Winterfest.’ There is also the Spring concert in May, where all dance levels come together to create an exciting production.

Perry dancers encourage students to attend the show, cheer them on, and display their support for the dance program.