Jazz band has its best year yet

The jazz band came to the end of a great school year for them at their last festival. From simply putting on great performances for small crowds to going to big music festivals, this was one of the best groups of students in the jazz band at PHS.

Their last big event of this school year was going to the state festival recently. The festival was held at South Mountain High School.

“This was their best year yet,” Mr. Brandon Kiesgen, the jazz band director, said.

This year has been their best year because since the beginning of the year they have been receiving awards. Earlier in the year they received their first superior with distinction rating and it was even more important because it was the first time that has ever happened for them. After that they received another superior award later in the year.

Aside from winning awards as a whole, the lead sax player, Caleb, stood out and received a soloist award.

Overall the PHS jazz band had a great year and kept improving throughout the year.