Andrew Balentine:The Magnificent Magician


Balentine Poses with his cards after performing magic for students.

Deceiving the eyes, Andrew Balentine is a student by day but a magician by night. Becoming a big hit at the homecoming carnival, he showed off his eye capturing talent.

Luring people to his booth with nothing other than actual magic, Balentine wowed the audience that gathered. Practicing outside of school in the streets, he attracts crowds of interested people with one normal deck of cards.

“I wanted to do something no one ever does,” Balentine said.

Starting with “The World’s Greatest Trick,” he began his career. Seeming impossible to surpass a trick called “The World’s Greatest Trick,” he grew his range of magic into an even more impressive spectrum. Magicians being rare, Balentine has definitely made a stand and will not cease until he is on the stage of the Luxor.

“He came to me with a new card trick every day,” AVID Advisor Stephanie Robertson said.

First noticed in Robertson’s class, Balentine told her about his magic. Intrigued with his talent Robinson asked to see a trick. From this time on, Balentine had a new card trick to show her almost every day. After his first year in class with Robertson, he joined Robertson’s AVID class, leading to his magic at the homecoming fair.

Training involves doing a trick repeatedly until perfection. In addition, street performances at the mall give him recognition for his talent. Starting from low popularity, he is working his way up to fame.

Seeing him next to popular magicians, Robertson looks to Balentine’s future in magic. Balentine has the same mind-set as Robertson on the future. Captivating attention with his magic, he hopes to continue down his road to fame.