Let’s not split hairs when it comes to creativity

Feature on senior Bekah Mohan


Talya Gabay

Senior Bekah Mohan is attending cosmetology school at EVIT. She had specifically taken a passion in hair styling.

Everyone is unique. Whether it be with what you wear or what kind of music you listen to, we are all different. This also includes how we channel our creativeness. For some, it’s sports, others use the fine arts. 

People express their originality in things they do. Just like anything else, hair is another way to show your creativity. There are infinite ways to style hair, which allows people to show their personality through their hair. 

As for hair stylists, imagination takes a large part of the job. There is an endless amount of hairstyles that are possible – different haircuts and colors, lengths and layers that all come with the job.

Senior Bekah Mohan joined cosmetology school in her junior year. She has been taking classes though the program EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology). 

EVIT offers courses for juniors and seniors to learn the skills and training for varying jobs. Some of these courses include cosmetology, future engineers, medical assistant, and veterinary assistant.

In the cosmetology program at EVIT, the class also includes “hair, nails, waxing, basically everything, but mainly hair,” said Mohan.

Mohan was first inspired during her sophomore year. “I just started doing hair because I saw the EVIT presentation in my math class, in geometry and I thought it looked fun,” said Mohan. She has been doing it since, and is even considering hair styling as her future career. 

Recently, she took a class outside of EVIT to get her certification for extensions at the Ashley Method, which is located in Tempe. Extensions are “my favorite because they’re hard to mess up and they’re big transformations. 

However, the actual action of doing the hair is not always the best part for stylists. “My favorite part is talking and meeting different people through clients, cause you get close to them when you’re doing their hair,” said Mohan.

Clients can book appointments with Mohan every Thursday and Friday, at EVIT. 

Creativity isn’t always easy to express. Sometimes it takes tests and trials to show one’s individuality. And for others, it may come more naturally. Though, it is important for everyone to be creative and find a way to let your creativity run free in whatever way works best for each and every person.