New admin determined to make up for lost time

Vice principal Michelle Daly manages all fine arts, facilities, and activities. (Madeleine Nseir)
Dean Jennifer DeLaTorre works in her office advising the freshman class. (Madeleine Nseir)

New year, new regulations, and this year, new roles in administration. Perry’s administration has shifted positions, as well as incorporating two new additions to the team. At the beginning of the year, new principal Heather Patterson assumed her position while Michelle Daly, Assistant Principal in Activities, and Jennifer DeLaTorre, Dean of Students, assumed their roles. 

Per becoming a part of Perry faculty just this year, both administrators described the culture that Perry radiates throughout campus. “[Students and faculty], everyone has been very helpful and made me feel very welcome,” said DeLaTorre. “From what I’ve seen so far… students are respectful [and] teachers are very excited to work with me, as I am with them,” added Daly. 

Clint Beauer, assistant principal in curriculum, and 15-year-veteran of Perry faculty said, “[DeLaTorre and Daly] bring energy and excitement… [to] get the new year started.” 

Beauer has held his current position for just about 4 months. Being in this new position, Beauer reiterates his most important objective. He said, “Our number one goal is to keep kids in school and keep kids learning.”

DeLaTorre, the 2021-22 dean of students oversees all things freshmen related. “I want to be here to support students,” said DeLaTorre on her main focus this year, “that’s my biggest thing… I love working with students, so I want to make sure I take the time to get to know everyone.”

As unprecedented times find their way back to normalcy, or to a new normalcy, administration is starting with the students so that they can live the high school experience. Beauer said, “[Students] suffered [last year]… We enjoy [having students in school]. That’s why we have this job.”

As assistant principal in activities, Daly’s main duties include managing all clubs on campus and use of facilities. In regards to her biggest goal in student life, Daly said, “[My goal is] to get as many experiences as we possibly can.”

“We haven’t had a dance in years, literally,” said Daly. While abiding by the regulations and mitigation strategies that the school district puts in place, Daly looks forward to getting activities, including games, dances, and concerts, back into swing. “To actually get to see [students’] faces… is awesome,” DeLaTorre said. 

Daly explained that high school is not just a place to learn for students, but a place for experiences. Going to football games, watching the dance concerts, attending fundraisers are only a few of the events that Daly is set on having kids experience this year.