Galentine’s Day: A day for friends and fun 

In a day known for romance and declarations of love, Galentine’s is a way for singles to celebrate the day. The day’s namesake comes from Parks and Rec, (Season 2 Episode 16), in which the show’s female characters spend the day before Valentine’s Day together. Whether one is going through current romantic turmoil, or just wants to spend time with close friends, Galentine’s Day can be a joyous occasion, emphasizing the importance of love between friends as opposed to the romantic angle typically associated with Valentine’s Day. Freshman Allie Welch explains the importance of the day as, “Friends are always there for you no matter what, but relationships can sometimes be unstable.”

The celebration supports the idea that women do not need a romantic interest in order to be happy. Spending the day with friends can be just as rewarding as a more traditional Valentine’s Day celebration, and just as fun. Sophomore Maddie Woods explains, “People focus too much on the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day and they think like, ‘Oh, If I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend then it’s just a stupid holiday’, I think it’s important to remember that platonic love also counts.” 

One way to celebrate Galentine’s Day, can be to gorge on baked goods and rom-coms.  Netflix is releasing new romantic movies during the month of February, such as Malcom and Marie (Feb.5) and the final installation of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, Always and Forever Lara Jean (Feb.12). 

In the spirit of Galentine’s Day and its goal of inspiring women, friends can get dressed up and have a photoshoot with do-it-yourself backdrops made of Valentine’s Day tablecloths or fabric. You can even take the fun outside and have a  photo shoot in a beautiful natural setting such as Veterans Oasis or a botanical garden. No matter the location of the photos, dressing up in what you feel best in with your best friends, and documenting the moment with photos is a great way to spend the day

If participants in Galentine’s Day enjoy the outdoors, they can plan a picnic with their closest friends. Everyone can bring something to share while enjoying each other’s company in a relaxing nature setting. Those partial to Tik Tok trends can bring a cake, whether homemade or store bought, and use wine glasses to scoop the cake into the glass. Enjoying an afternoon with your friends and good food is a good way to spend any day.

Galentine’s Day can also be spent going out to a nice meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and spending quality time with one another. Friends can go to a restaurant, dress up, and enjoy. When asked how she’d spend the day, Sophomore Adison Derbas said, “I would want to spend Valentine’s day going to dinner in Mesa with my friends.” Or, to pay homage to holidays namesake, Parks and Rec, friends can go to brunch and get waffles.

No matter how the day is spent, in the midst of a holiday overcome with romance and clichés, young women can enjoy each other’s friendship.