Faculty meetings talk how to act during the holiday season


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To avoid a situation that would otherwise offend individuals that may differ in background, teachers are constantly told in faculty meetings on how to act around the holiday season to their students.

“We need to be, as a school district, sensitive to people’s
races, religions, backgrounds, so we don’t do something that’s insensitive,” Principal Dan Serrano explained. In a melting pot of a diverse set of individuals, something that could be uncomfortable to a student from a different background, could be contrasting in the eyes of another person with another distinctive background.

“We have the deep equity initiative going on that we have to be sensitive to other cultures,” Serrano said.

He constantly stresses to the staff on being perceptive to other cultures and implementing a setting in which people do not feel offended and can be complacent.

The school have a number of students coming in that diversity will sooner or later continue to grow in the future.

“We’re made up of almost 3,800 kids… and we’re getting more and more diverse at this school every year,” Serrano mentioned. Creating a surrounding that will be accommadable to holding future, new students.

Students who come from various countries to the school should feel comfortable and safe to express their cultural identities.

“People say or do stuff, and maybe it has nothing to do with the holidays but it could
make someone from a different culture uncomfortable,” Serrano added.

To the students that vary in grade, religion, race, or background, acceptance is important to provide people in a comfortable environment to teach in.

“You can’t expect a teacher or anyone to know all the different religions and beliefs of students at this school, it’s mind boggling,” Serrano said.

However, being capable to other’s culture, teacher’s get informed to be helpful and rather not be ignorant to people’s tradition.

“You have to arm your faculty members with knowledge so they don’t come across as being insensitive,” Serrano commented. Training teachers to be aware of the surrounding the school houses, and be well versed in backgrounds, the staff see to be proper to respect the people on campus.