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Serrano Press Conference – 1/24

Valerie Burgess, Staff Reporter

January 24, 2017

New student show replaces regular Perry podcasts

New student show replaces regular Perry podcasts

Ian Graham, Reporter

September 26, 2016

  Earlier this year, three sophomore girls set out to create the school’s most current news show - The Puma Project. Acting as lead anchors, sophomores Rylee Hanson, Ayla Orso, and Gabby Washburn step in front of the camera to bring up-to-date information on the school’s happenings. T...

Tuesday, August 2 2016 Announcements

Valerie Burgess, Kylie Vacala, Sarah Lankford, Sarah Campbell, and Bree Wade

August 2, 2016

Morning announcements from Tuesday, August 2 2016.

Monday, August 1 Announcements

Bree Wade, Valerie Burgess, and Sarah Lankford

August 1, 2016

Morning announcements from Monday, August 1, 2016.  

Friday, July 29 Announcements

Valerie Burgess and Bree Wade

July 29, 2016

These are the Friday, July 29 Announcements.

Tuesday, July 26 Announcements

Bree Wade and Sarah Lankford

July 26, 2016

These are the Tuesday, July 26, Announcements.

M.I.N.T. Podcast

M.I.N.T. Podcast

Izzy Rozansky, Mazyne Smith, Nicholas Ashcroft, and Trevor Standage

May 24, 2016

Mazyne Smith, Nicholas Ashcroft, Izzy Rozansky, and Trevor Standage cover some of everything in this first edition podcast. There is the pressing issue of the transgender bathrooms, spoken about by co-host Ashcroft, Sculpture I's "Giving Tree" assignments, covered by staff reporter Standage, and in line...

Podcast: Perry Wins Whaaat

Podcast: Perry Wins Whaaat

Cassie Nielsen, Taylor Moorer, and Hayley Crosby

May 20, 2016

This podcast discusses Perry's big wins of this year, Perry DECA's journey to nationals, the final dance concert of the year, and Choir's journey to Heritage Festival. DECA worked very hard to keep all their ducks in a line and ensure their spot in Nationals. The dance concert once again put on another...

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