Morgan Cleary

Left to right: Jakob Shapiro and his ’99 Mustang GT; Isabela Olivarez and her ’75 Beetle; Andy Gongora and his ’89 Firebird; Andrew Drake and his ’09 Miata MX-5; Bailey Davis and her ’14 Mustang


Students showcase passion and personality through cars

Listen to the excellent stories behind students’ cars and a few tip and trick you can apply  down the road!

Amazing sounds

Passion and pride through performance

Cameron Martin, Double Truck Editor

Cars aren’t just for driving. Not just for getting to school or work, for picking up groceries. They’re not just tools. Who says they have to be practical, fuel efficient, or even aerodynamic? For so many, our cars are more than that. Even at our own high school, a unique and diverse car culture exists, from classic muscle to modern JDM-style cars. You’ll even run across a few equipped for ...

Six important steps for buying a new or used car

Cameron Martin, Double Truck Editor

Know your price range. Not only does knowing your price range give you a good place to start, but it also keeps your head out of the clouds. You don’t want to find a nice car with everything you love, only to find it’s a few hundred, or even thousand more than you had planned to spend.   Know what you want– make a list of any features, options, or trim levels you want on you...

5 skills every teen driver should learn for the road

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