Boy’s volleyball starts season with win streak


Laney Wardell

Number 11, senior Camden Neimann, nails a shot over the net while Casteel tries desperately to defend. Neimann is the current team captain for the varsity team.

The boys varsity volleyball team has barely started the season and has already won three games. The varsity team is looking to take the top spot at state this year. Currently the team is ranked second in the state with prospects of winning the championship. Starting the season out as ninth in the nation is an accomplishment in itself but as volleyball keeps pushing along, they aim for a better ranking. 

The team has played two non-conference matches against Mountain View and Sandra Day O’Connor, winning 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. Sandra Day O’Connor put up quite a challenge for Perry, as the Pumas only led by four points in their best set of the game. Perry has also played Highland in a very close set. Senior Trevin Dawe said, “the Highland crowd was just so loud that match so it felt really good to finally quiet them down.” Perry would end the match 3-1 after a heated final set. The competition is proving to be tough this year, but the Pumas are proving they are more than capable of handling it.

The volleyball team’s winning streak has them feeling confident about the season ahead. Junior Cooper Sander claimed, “we will win every game unless we really throw away a game.” So far the team has been able to back up this claim, and have kept a solid win streak. The roster has multiple returning players this season which has kept chemistry of the team alive, allowing them to work at peak efficiency. This confidence may carry the team to a state championship. The team is feeling better than ever despite losing strong senior players to graduation. 

The boys have already faced their toughest competition, Senior Jace Miller said, “we’ve already beat the highest ranked teams pretty good, so our season is definitely off to a good start.” The team’s prospects have never looked better and they are on track to climb their way to the top this season. When asked about the team’s prospects for state Coach Ryan Tolman responded “it’s tough to tell because we won’t see every team that will be in the playoffs, but I think we’ve got a lot of experienced kids.” Tolman’s leadership combined with the player’s dedication can lead to an interesting season ahead.