Volleyball season comes to abrupt ending

Due to the safety precautions taken by CUSD 80 to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, our volleyball team has been cancelled. 

This was the best option for the safety of both faculty and students. “Our number one priority will continue to be health and safety,” Governor Doug Ducey says.

While this is the best choice, it does not mean there is no disappointment. The abrupt ending was difficult for the team, as they suddenly lost the last season of their high school career.

 The team this year was going to be like never before. With 11 seniors, they were headed for victory. 

“It was really hard for all my teammates and me… we were all family and we all didn’t get to finish out our season,” senior Cooper Sibley expresses.

Before spring break, the team was able to play in numerous games, ending with a score of 10-2. However, these games were no consolation for the lost season.  “I miss my team and playing the game. We had a good chance at winning state. Losing that opportunity was devastating” Cooper Sibley said. 

Head Coach Ryan Tolman says, “We have one of the best teams in the state. Not having a chance to win the state championship is absolutely worse than being in the game and losing it.” 

Senior Matthew Tomlinson voices his feelings too, saying, “We had great momentum going into it and it sucks having such an abrupt ending.”

Needless to say this was not the ending that we all had expected for this year’s seniors but they had advice for future players in the upcoming years.

Make the most of what you’re doing now, you never know what will happen or when something will end, so take advantage of what you have. Put in the work and have no regrets,” Advises Sibley.

“Don’t take it for granted, always be ready for something to happen. Train hard and have fun with your team” Tomlinson counsels.