Culinary Bakes Up Pies


Presley Plant

Stutz class baking pies. Creating pies for staff and families at Perry


For the 8th year in a row, the Culinary 1,2,3,and 4 collaborated to share some holiday cheer.

Since 2011, teacher Angela Stutz has had her students bake pies around Thanksgiving time as a lesson for her students in business and in production.

“To offer a service to the community and to help generate funds for equipment needed in the classroom” Stutz says.

Culinary bakes up pies for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Stutz culinary class wanted to make it easier for the parents and the staff at Perry,“ It is a busy time of year and we wanted to provide a service and share our talent with the community!” Stutz states. 

They are making these pies to sell to parents and staff members to make money for culinary supplies. They had the option of baking apple, cherry, pumpkin, banana cream and chocolate cream pie. At first they made practice pies a week before they made the actual pies to practice and test the process of baking a pie. After they made their test pies they ate them.Then they made their final pies and sold them to families and staff for their thanksgiving desserts.