Boys soccer building off of last season


Puma soccer this upcoming season plan to “win more games” head coach, Jason Berg states. Last year the team just did not get the results they had been hoping for going into the season. Coming back from a season with a record of 7 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie the pumas are looking at their seniors to step up and help lead the team.
“I’m expecting a lot out of our returners, we should have 8 or 9 starting returners,” Berg said. The team hopes with the help of those returning, they will be able to build off of last year which as a team, they all got along very well and clicked as a team.
The boys throughout the season played as a team not as single players. “We were very well put together as a team we played together as a whole, we fought for each other” Senior Wayatt Deutch stated. The boys are looking to combine the team play they had last year, along with building off their skills to improve this year’s play.
On the other had last year the boys were hit with reality; “Lack of expectation I think they were shocked as to either lack of playing time or lack of rotation”. Berg stated. Berg is looking to build the team off of each year and that includes pushing the boys harder and having higher expectations. Each year they are hoping to improve as a team and as a program all together.
The boys put all they could into last season but the results just weren’t there, “we just need to start putting teams away earlier and start dominating the game” Senior Hayden Jaramillo said. This season coach Berg plans to put both their work ethic and the boys’ skills together to get the team where they want to be. Come join the Pumas Dec. 6, home game against Red Mountain in the hops to start off a great season right.