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Not your typical dates this Valentines day


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The most loving, affectionate, mushy day of the year for couples while on the flip side one of the saddest days for some of those spending valentine’s day alone (unless you singles spoil yourself and refuse to have a bad Valentines day- more power to you). Valentine’s day as a whole has many aspects to it such as what to get a loved one, what to do with all the free time and what dates to take yourself or someone you care about on. Well luckily this trendy stories got you covered.

Since when you find yourself in a relationship, all the ideas for dates you seemed to have planned out to a T for that special someone one day seem to fly out of the window , as an overwhelming amount of nerves takes over leaving your mind in a loop of worry and unknowing of how to impress that someone. Luckily i have compiled a short list of date ideas that aren’t your typical dates.

If your special someone adores classics and a good throwback to when vinyls were the source of music, an adorable date would be a date to a local record store. Spend hours listening to some classic music such as “ boyz II men ” and any other random jams hiding in a vinyl store waiting to be dusted off and played.

Another not so common idea for a date would be an adventure as a date. What i mean is if your date is down for a good thrill of living life in the fast lane an adventurous place to go would be a indoor go kart racing place. Maybe even take a group of friends besides everyone loves a good competition.

Speaking of competition, another competitive date idea would be laser tag or paintball. An hig speed date of friendly competition would definitely guarantee an exciting eventful day. Just be careful and cautious while in the rink of competition.

Another adventurous date idea would be a lovely sunset hike and picnic overlooking a stunning view. A picnic equipped with with sparkling cider and your dates favorite foods would be super romantic especially around sunset or sunrise for early birds

Now that you have some ideas brewing hopefully this article helped out on this lovely world wide  celebration called Valentines day. Good luck to all couples, soon to be couples and hopeless romantics out there.

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Not your typical dates this Valentines day