Pumas fight to play another day


Perry’s 2016-2017 football season has been glorious; 9 wins and only one loss. Within these ten games laid many mini-victories: holding an undefeated record for the first three games without their star quarterback, exceeding team records in single-game passing yards, quarterback ratings, single-season receiving yards, etc., and defeating Hamilton for the first time since before 2013.

After qualifying for the playoffs, the team’s first opponent was Valley Vista. With a crowd of at least 1000, the game began. Valley Vista (the Monsoon) finished the first quarter in the lead, with a score of 7-0.

In the last seven minutes of the second quarter, junior quarterback Brock Purdy completed two touchdowns for a total of 74 yards to senior tight end Antonio Gomez and sophomore wide receiver Colby Dickie. Each touchdown was followed by successful PATs by senior kicker Cristian Zendejas. With two minutes left in the quarter, the Monsoon scored again, tying the game: 14-14. Purdy finished the quarter with a 25 yard pass to sophomore wide receiver Connor Boyd. Perry took the lead entering halftime, with a score of 14-21.

With just a few minutes into the third quarter, Purdy completed a 39 yard rushing touchdown. With six minutes left in the quarter, Valley Vista scored another seven points, trailing behind the Pumas: 21-28. Purdy then completed two touchdowns to wide receiver D’shayne James and brother senior wide receiver Nate James.

Perry began the fourth quarter with two more touchdowns by senior running back Clayson Conrad and sophomore running back Jalen Young, making the score 21-56. With four minutes left in the game, Valley Vista scored another touchdown, but had a failed two point conversion, ending the game with Perry’s victory, 56-33

The second game against Hamilton was an offensive shootout that resulted in an overtime victory.

Hamilton scored their first touchdown with eight minutes left in the first quarter. Purdy then completes a 51 yard pass to Conrad for their first touchdown. The Huskies finish the quarter with another touchdown, leading the Pumas 14-7.

Starting the second quarter, junior running back Kenny Fultz scored a 28 yard rushing touchdown. Hamilton scored again after two timeouts. Perry countered with a timeout, then with another rushing touchdown. Hamilton finished the quarter with another touchdown, and a big sack on Perry. Hamilton took the lead heading into halftime: 28-21.

Perry started with possession, then completed a four yard pass from Nate James to senior cornerback Michael Vlaming. Purdy followed with a pass completed to Dickie for a two point conversion, falling right behind Hamilton: 28-29. The Huskies scored again. Perry then gains a long run to Hamilton’s 41 yard line. With four minutes to go, Purdy completed a 71 yard pass to junior tight end Tate Speaker. Hamilton scored once more, finishing the quarter with a score of 43-36.

Minutes into the fourth quarter, Perry scored, tying the game: 43-43. Hamilton combated this with another touchdown, leading the Pumas by seven points. With five minutes left, Purdy  scored two more touchdowns to Dickie and junior wide receiver Jared Patchett. Hamilton then finished the quarter with possession of the ball, a passing touchdown, and a big sack on Perry. The teams were tied going into overtime.

Hamilton kicked a 27 yard field goal, leading the score by three points. Perry then finished the game with a rushing touchdown and a good PAT: 60-63.

Perry’s next playoff game is against Chandler, at Hamilton. Chandler is the only team Perry has lost to all season. Perry is ranked fourth in state, while Chandler is second.