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Students collaborate to make their own fashion magazine

A close group of friends create a fashion magazine.

A close group of friends create a fashion magazine.

A close group of friends create a fashion magazine.


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Some students have unique talents that some people look down upon; but these special teens are motivated and put their hearts into what they do, just like the talented group of students who produced QNDP Magazine.

“Quarter, Nickel, Dime, Penny. Keep the change” is the magazine’s motto. QNDP highlights fashion and spunky lifestyle through writing, photography, and shows.

Head film photographer junior Everett Milloy said, “it was something that we all wanted to create and all wanted to put our names out there.”

Every individual that is part of the team has their own specific role. There are writers, photographers, models, and managers of the project. Each job is unique to the person and their responsibility to the magazine.

Savannah Mota, director of operations, said “I help to make sure that everyone knows what they have to do and does what they have to do on time and that everything comes together.”

Mota’s role is crucial to the project, otherwise all of the components would not flow together and become the masterpiece they are. While Mota’s part is all about keeping everybody on track, another job is about the look, strut, and pose.

Models propose the picture for the magazine, they show the “change” highlights. Junior Ayla Orso is one of the fashion models that walks the runway. “It’s a super cool experience and I think because it’s so new, we have a lot going for us,” Orso said.

Speaking of new, QNDP just had their first launch party on Jan. 6th. “It went a lot better than we were expecting, a pretty good amount of people came and it sold out within four days,” Milloy said.

Launching their magazine was a hit off and now QNDP is onto their second official month. The theme for Jan. was party, and now into Feb., it is all about the love factor. Mixing up the look of QNDP makes for a successful product and it relates to how the real world is today.

Milloy went on to say, “we’re trying to always have a shelter for people who feel like they don’t have a voice.”

Through QNDP lots of teenagers express their voice and opinion by taking part of writing articles about the lifestyle around them. And this team will keep having a voice due to their five-year plan accommodating to their six month foundation on the magazine.

“Keep the change” influences this talented group to speak their minds to the public and have their voice heard.

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The student voice of Perry High School
Students collaborate to make their own fashion magazine