Track athletes celebrate rewarding season

Junior Taylor Lovell and Senior Kate Miller pass the baton during the relay race. (Contributed by Cassidy Little)

After a grueling state meet, the Track athletes celebrate their victories and reflect on their season. Intensely training and preparing for the last meet in the Track season (State), the rewards of hard work are clearly seen.

Large improvements have been seen compared to years prior. The Men’s team broke school records with a fourth-place finish in the 4 x 800m race, senior Austin Hutchings admitted that “the girls did really good but the guys are improving a lot as well.” Members of the Women’s team such as juniors Taylor Lovell and Makayla Long have been breaking records as they reach new heights in long distance and throwing. 

Preparation was key in these monumental steps for Perry’s track team. Junior Mathew Camp said that he has tried to “stay focused on my training and my ability to perform so that I can get the best performance possible.” Due to the perseverance and high effort that the team gave, track has been a part of an amazing record-breaking year.

Hutchings, in regards to his preparation for state said, “I just practiced hard, kept on grinding with the team and stayed smart,” Practice, practice, practice. Through practice, the track team perfected their efforts in order to provide a top tier performance.

After months of practice, the track season has come to a close. For some, it is the last high school season they will have. For others there are more to come. But for all, this season has yielded great results and the track team is well on its way to be great.