Last year’s cancellations prove to have no effect on Beach Volleyball’s performance


Saydria Ostler

Beach volleyball Captain, Jordan Suan serves at recent game. Suan has proved to be a leader to the girls and hopes that their continued success will qualify them for a state title next year.

After their season was canceled last spring, the beach volleyball team anticipated coming back this year, hoping to rebuild the strength they have had in the past. Coach Fred Mann explains, “we were really good, and had a legitimate shot to win it last year.” As their season comes to a close, the team has proved that they are still a force to be reckoned with a 13-1 overall. Since coming back captain Jordan Suan explained, “It [COVID-19] made us treasure the season more, but it was hard to go from not having anything to every day having a game or practice.”

The team is ranked 2nd in the state which Suan sees as a unique achievement as “there’s not a lot of girls that play specifically beach on the team. Most of us are just indoor players, so it’s a pretty cool accomplishment.” 

Beach volleyball has excelled year after year not only because of athletic capabilities but also because of the dynamic and values that the girls have. “The culture of volleyball is one of hard work, being a good teammate, and supporting others,” Mann explained, adding that Suan has been a great leader to the girls. As Suan will be a senior next year, she will continue to lead the team with a common goal which is “to win a state championship” 

With only four seniors on the team, it is expected that the girls will continue to excel next year, picking up where they left off but adding new skills and accomplishments. The pumas faced Desert Mountain on May 5 at 4 pm where they won 5-0. Their next game is May 11 at 7 pm against Sandra Day O’Connor.