Hideki Matsuyama wins Masters, inspiring future golfers


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The leaderboard at the Masters tournament presents many flags from all across the world to show the diverse group playing.

The Augusta National Golf Club is the home of the Masters Tournament and has been since 1933. This golf course is in Augusta, Georgia, and has 27 playable holes. Being in the center of Georgia means that it can be played during most times of the year.  

This year’s Masters Tournament left a new winner, Hideki Matsuyama, the first Japanese man to win this tournament. Matsuyama went professional when he turned 21 and won his first match on the Japan golf tour. 

This win for Matsuyama has given inspiration to younger players. The PGA Tour has allowed people from all walks of life to participate in the tournament, given that they are able to play at the highest level. 

“I think it’s great that Matsuyama won, for years people have been hoping he would win a major. and because Japan has very few golfers coming from there,” said senior Macayela Hanks. 

Across all aspects of sports, the diversity that has been introduced has allowed many children to become inspired. 

However, one man winning the Masters tournament does not mean that anyone can do it. The players invited to this tournament have proven that they are capable of competing with the best from around the world.

“ At any sort of higher level, resiliency and higher focus are key because golf is so individual,” said Gabriel Murrillo.

The most important skill for any golfer to have is a strong and disciplined mind on the course. It does not matter if you mess up the first tee shot or the first putt as long as you do not let it ruin the next 17. Even as the tough mental game goes on, it is vital to hit accurate shots and understand the next shot ahead. 

Senior Kylie Rehberger, who played on the girl’s golf team this year said, “To win the Masters, you obviously need to have accuracy in all aspects of the game,” said Kylie Rehberger. 

This year’s Masters tournament has provided many challenges for the normal stars who usually dominate the game. The last tournament winner, Dustin Johnson, got knocked out of the tournament early on, which provided no closure for viewers. Although these players are used to playing on the course, the mental game can always overtake any athlete. Tiger Woods, being the most successful African American golfer, has brought more diversity to the tournament. Woods was not able to participate in this year’s tournament, however, Matsuyama’s win will inspire many golfers for generations to come.