Reflecting on winter sports: how they wrapped up after season filled with surprises

At the beginning of the season, it was unknown if winter sports were going to happen. Now with the season coming to an end, the teams had many different outcomes.

Boys basketball

On Mar. 13, the boys basketball team played their last game against Mountain Pointe in the quarter-finals and lost 43-55. Although their season ended so soon, the team had a good season overall.  Their total record is 15 game wins, and only 3 losses the entire season. Multiple players and coaches have been recognized for their overall performances; Junior Dylan Anderson awarded player of the year, senior Christian Tucker and sophomore Cody Williams awarded 6-A All-Conference first team, Sam Duane named coach of the year, and honorable mentions were given to senior Demarco Wiley and junior Kyle Waters.

Girls basketball

At the beginning of the girl’s basketball season, multiple previous varsity players switched to different teams, leaving Coach Andrew Curtis with a team of underclassmen. Hopes for a good season felt diminished, but the team continued to improve throughout the year. Senior shooting guard Nicole Smith stated, “I was actually really proud of us this season nobody really had very good expectations for us at all and nobody thought we’d do what we did and we all had a lot of improvements as a team…” The Pumas, unfortunately, lost in the quarterfinals against Hamiton 46-56, but throughout the season played well, producing a total of 13 wins and 6 losses. Many players received 6A All Premier Honors; Smith earned offensive player of the year and made 6-A All-Conference first team along with sophomore Khamil Pierre who also made defensive player of the year. Senior Gabrielle Schwartz made second team, and junior Leah Davis alongside senior Tianna Mckinley earned an honorable mention.

Boys soccer

Due to many injured players hindering the soccer team, they were unable to make it to state. The overall record for the year came to 4 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie. With their final game against Kofa on Mar. 5th, the team was unable to play in 6A state games. A season with no injuries, and what looks to be a strong team is the hope for next year. Senior Cole Graham stated, “I’m just hoping that they can come together and really make it matter hope that they can get far cause they’re going to be good. I just hope they can get somewhere with it.”

Girls soccer

The girls soccer team throughout the entire season was strong, with almost a perfect record excluding one tie against Desert Vista until the AIA state championships where, in a last-second play, Xavier sunk a goal right before the end buzzer leading to a 0-1 score. The Pumas ended with a record of 13 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. The season did not end the way the team wanted, however, as a whole, the players are proud of how they played. Senior Camryn Thomas stated, “This season I don’t think there was much we could have done differently. We did a very good job of working together on the field like on and off the field together so it was a good season.” With many seniors leaving this year, it will be up to the underclassmen and current juniors to step up next season. 


Wrestling had a good season overall and finished in top ranks in the AIA State Championship. Junior Ernesto Aparicio and freshman Bo Hall finished in 6th place at 126lbs and 220lbs respectively. At 195lbs, senior Jacob Hansen took 4th while at 170lbs, senior Caleb Milnes finished as state runner-up. The team as a whole took 9th overall. Wrestling also won many all-Premier Region awards. Players awarded  6-A All-Conference first team include; senior Alex Gutierrez, senior Gavin Cochran, and senior Caleb Milnes. Second team includes; sophomore Josh Rose, junior Ernesto Aparicio, senior Andrew Cano, sophomore Jordan Kimling, senior Sam Villegas, junior Hershal Hall, senior Jacob Hansen, freshman Bo Hall, and junior Brody Smith. Sophomore Connor Cochran and junior Daylon Mauch were included as honorable mention. The season ended with many successes, but the team is always looking to improve. Ernesto Aparicio stated, “[Next year] get number 1 in state have everyone on the board.”

With a season that was full of uncertainties, masks, and new regulation, all Pumas showed up to perform and continually hope to improve in anticipation of their next season.