Perry wrestling has improved teamwork and scores


Meghan McGowan

Caleb Milnes is wrestling opposite team opponent during a match. Milnes is working on pinning opponent down.

With the complications with the coronavirus, the wrestling team had to find alternate ways to work. With perseverance and dedication, they managed to gather various wins. Varsity head coach Alexander Pavlenko explains that his team, “Started off a little rough but now got the rust off and starting to look better.”

Pavlenko has high hopes for this team, as their record is 7-2. He expresses that his “team goal this year is to finish in the top 10 at state.” This would be a massive achievement for the wrestling team. 

Together each wrestler is making the team better as a whole, and improving individually as time progresses. Senior Alex Gutierrez, is excited for the team and their goals. Gutierrez explains, “This is my first year at Perry… I just transferred here from Illinois, as of now I have a 7-2 record…there’s a lot of good competition out here compared to Illinois.” 

Gutierrez is excited for the next match, and proud of his team. As they are climbing their way into success, the team may make their goal as top 10 at state. Another senior, Gavin Cochran, explains how he is doing this year at wrestling.

Cochran explains after their one major loss from the wrestling team that “That one was pretty hard, we worked really hard after that one.” He explains that after that match, a lot of conditioning took place to prepare and get better for the next time.

When discussing Cochran’s goals for the end of the season he expresses that he “just wants a letter.” Earning a varsity letter is considered a major accomplishment for many athletes as it stands as a reminder for the hard work that athlete has put into the sport.

Senior Caleb Milnes explains the biggest challenge that the team is going to face. He goes on to say, “[when] we are going to face SunnySide in sectionals…they won state last year.” Milnes hopes the team will keep their title currently, and continue to move upward in progress as a team and as individuals. 

Milnes personal record is 5-3, and is proud of where he is as a wrestler. He goes on to explain how his individual goals are to, “get out of the [wrestling] slump I’m in and start wrestling like I did last year, with heart and keep going upwards.” 

The wrestling team is confident they will each do well as a whole, and as an individual. The team has two more wrestling matches on Feb. 25th and Mar. 3rd before taking on sectionals and state.