Locker rooms adapt to Covid-19 restrictions


Photo taken by Madeleine Nseir

Junior Paige Kulpaca walks out of the locker room after Gym class. She demonstrates how new protocols are affecting the locker room routines.

       The Coronavirus has affected our daily lives in numerous ways. From requiring individuals to wear masks in public areas, delaying the reopening of schools and even compelling riders to social distance on the bus, everything related to our usual routines seems to have been altered. With so much uncertainty and change around us, it is no surprise that the effects of the virus have even impacted Perry High School’s locker rooms.

     One of the most noticeable differences in the locker rooms is a limit to the number of people allowed in the space at one time. This restriction is even in place for after school workouts.

    Before this pandemic started, locker rooms were often crowded and filled with mixed classes. Now that the new protocols have been implemented, students are expected to wear masks and social distance.  

     Although there is no defined limit to the number of students allowed in the space, they are separated into groups by class. Senior Mariah Montoya added, “When I go into the locker room, we have it spaced out so we have the weight girls go and change first and P.E. girls change after us.” 

     Another noticeable adjustment is the length of time students are allowed to be in the locker room. Joelyn Boone, Perry’s head Strength and Conditioning Coach, explained that “The time in the locker rooms is much shorter. We do not want kids hanging out in there, working on homework, or listening to music. It is always supervised with the coach anyway…” 

     Supervision by the coaches seems to be the key in maintaining control of locker room access. Freshman Elliott Gotschall indicates, “There isn’t really a time limit as long as the teacher is in there, but if the teacher isn’t in there you aren’t supposed to go in there.”

     The custodial staff is always cleaning all across campus throughout the day, and the weight room and locker rooms are no different. The staff deep clean everyday after school is over, and coach Boone mentions that,” This is the cleanest my weight room has ever been.”

     Despite all of the restrictions, the sports teams and fitness classes continue to adapt to the new protocols that have been put into place as a result of the pandemic. Although the capacity of people and the time allowed to be in the locker room have been shortened, as long as everyone does their part, we can continue to persevere through these uncharted waters.