How athletes are keeping their skills up in quarantine


Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle and Crystal Cooc working out to keep their skills ready for the next track season

Due to the quarantine, as it has been known, all high school sports have been canceled for the year, but that does not mean high school athletes get time off. They are still training and working for their next high school season, or even for some, their freshman year of college sports.

“ I have been working out with my brother every day at our friend’s little gym in his house. We are doing band workouts and also doing machine workouts as well,” Senior Chubba Purdy states. Although Purdy will not be returning for another year of high school football he will be going to Florida State to be playing this upcoming season.

Another athlete who continues to work out and keep up his skills for his first year at college is Ikaika Maldonado. “I have been running 1.5 miles every day and lifting at my neighbors house, or my friends wherever I can get it in,” Maldonado explains, adding; “I have good self-motivation, just receiving and committing to wrestle at the NCAA level I know there will be tough competition so I got to keep my body ready always”. Maldonado keeps preparing and training for his upcoming year at Wester Colorado University where he will continue wrestling.

For approaching fall sports, athletes need to be prepared and get ready for the season. Junior Brooklyn Larson explains; “I’m preparing for the fall season by continuing to work and doing workouts on land that’ll help me in the water when I️ get back and keeping a positive mindset to help me be prepared and excited for this coming season”. Dive will be coming up faster then we think and Larson is not planning on missing a beat.

Track was one of the spring sports that were sadly canceled along with tennis, baseball, and softball, but those athletes are still training and improving their skills. For junior Katie Doyle the quarantine has not stopped her from continuing to try and improve her speed. “I’ve been working out in my backyard and I recently tried going to the track but they kicked me out. I’ve also been doing the warmup drills and some sprints,” Doyle states. For track athletes they do not have a full year for their next season, they have indoor track to look forward to. “Preparing for indoor is my main goal I don’t want to lose any of my muscle so I’ve been lifting as much as I can. And I hope soon I’ll be with my teammates again and we’ll be ready for the big senior season.” Doyle explains.

No matter what the next step is for them in their sport the athletes are not taking this as a time to relax and lose their skills. Larson Explains “I’ve kept myself motivated and moving by remembering this isn’t a “break” it’s a time to focus on more dry land and I️ need to keep working if I️ wanna keep up with diving”

Athletes are trying to make the most during these uncertain times and keep themselves ready and prepare for when they get to do the sport they love again.