Volleyball stepping up next year after setbacks


Ashlyn Miner

beach volleyball courts are empty but the team still has high hopes

The Girls’ volleyball teams this year have faced lots of setbacks. Indoor volleyball experienced a devastating loss in the State Championships last year after a promising and successful season. Beach Volleyball’s season was canceled due to COVID-19 after the girls had played and won a match and had high hopes for the team and the season. Coach Fred Mann said “I am disappointed, and I’m sure the players are too,” noting, “The girls had a legitimate chance at a State Championship.”

Next year, everyone is hopeful for better outcomes. Jenna Heller said “We still have a lot of main players coming back and we know we are going to have some sophomores and juniors stepping up next year. They have been practicing and seeing our team. They’re excited to step up,” Some of the players that Perry is looking to step up are Junior, Ella Rudd, who has already committed to Fresno State. Sophomore Jordan Suan also has a promising record of 432 digs, 56 assists, and 3 players of the match awards. These players have great capabilities as athletes, but have big shoes to fill, after losing seniors Tatum Stall and Sian Richardson. 

Jenna Heller will be a key component in leading the team back to the state championships. Heller said that her biggest accomplishment last year was “breaking two of the school records. I had a feeling I would because it was the first time running a 5-1. It was probably the best for me knowing I made an impact in the school and the season,” Her records were: Most assists in a single season and most assists in a single game. 

Heller stated “I know we have a great future.” as long as they “stay focused and make adjustments quickly.”