How to stay healthy and active during quarantine

With the closing of gyms due to the coronavirus, it might be more difficult for students to find ways to work out at home. However, students still have been finding ways to get a workout in.

“I’m lucky so I actually have a home gym so I have access to weights but a lot of my workouts consist of bodyweight exercises such as pushups, situps, squats, etc. usually I do a two part workout so the first part is strength oriented and the second part is more cardio just to get my heart pumping,” junior Solace Zobel explained. Even though she has access to weights and other equipment Zobel is keeping it simple with body weights. The cardio that she incorporates is a workout almost all students can do, such as just going on a run. No equipment needed for that and each student can take it at there own place.

For some students getting the motivation to start is the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be. “ I make it a daily habit to workout and get some exercise so that it doesn’t require much motivation to do it,” senior Logan Larson stated. To start a daily habit of working out by simply starting with five reps of an exercise such as 5 push-ups or 5 squats. Then gradually add more as you see fit.

Students are doing an array of exercises but there are key things to keep in mind. “Basically you have to increase your heart rate and respiration rate for a substantial period of time. Most experts agree that this should be done daily or at least 3x per week for approximately 30 minutes,” Weights coach Joelyn Boone explains adding, “One way to get motivated is to take this opportunity to spend time with household members by hicking, bicking, running, or walking together”. All these can be done almost completely without equipment.

For junior soccer player Mikella Reed, she has to stay conditioned and in shape for the field but, her workouts are laid out a bit differently. “Each week my coaches send out a new training tracker so everyone on the team can keep up with different ball work drills and fitness and strength workouts. Coach [Joelyn] Boone has also sent out some lifting workouts that I’ve just been modifying without weight,” Reed states. Many students might not have the ability to access a coach or trainer during the time, so it is all about figuring out what is best for each person. This might include lifting with weight if you can, going for a run, or even watching some workout videos that are abundant on YouTube.

With no more school, it gives students a lot more time in the day, which has begun to be filled by boredom. Working out could help fill that boredom as Zobel states; “ A big part of my motivation for my workouts is my family cause when my parents are off work my family will workout together. also part of my motivation is just boredom, I feel the need to get up and do something to get my body working”. Working out gets students up and doing something. It could be as easy as doing reps of a workout during the commercial of a favorite show, or it could be doing a whole big circuit training session on your own.

Throughout the quarantine, it is about doing what you can to take care of your body while still staying safe in these uncertain times.