COVID-19: Beach Volleyball Update

With the worsening of the global pandemic, COVID-19 there was much uncertainty associated with the fourth quarter for the student body. 

Beach volleyball was looking forward to a great season because they were a very special team. “Our team chemistry, spirit, passion, and trust made Perry’s beach team so special,” junior Canon Bongard said. 

Most players had hope of returning to this special team but events took an unexpected turn rapidly after spring break. 

Game after game was canceled and eventually, school was canceled until next semester and it was all over for this team that had worked so hard. 

“I am disappointed as I’m sure the players are too. We are looking forward to next year,” head coach Fred Mann said. 

This is also very disappointing for the seniors on this team who may not be playing for college. As this was their last year to play in high school, this news is hugely disappointing. 

However, the role of the government and the school are actively involved in choosing what is best for the students. 

“Our number one priority will continue to be health and safety,” Governor Doug Ducey said in a recent newsletter. 

Although this is very disappointing for all the players, especially seniors, the team has continued to work from home to stay in shape and they have a group chat to keep in touch.

This has been especially helpful to underclassmen. Although the seniors lost out on a grand opportunity, coach Mann and the players are looking forward to next year. Even though COVID-19 has disrupted many plans, especially in sports, the beach volleyball team continues to prepare and they have “had a legitimate chance at the state championship.” 

Although the team has not collected uniforms yet, they are done playing this spring. However, we can have high hopes for next year with the preparation they have been putting into the next season.